Choc pops!

When I get into a baking and creating mood, I can spend hours in the kitchen playing around and experimenting, using a hundred different ingredients to bake a cake! But then there are times I need to make something with what I have in the pantry because I am pressed for time or cannot get to the shops.

Hello choc pops!

eggstravaganza choc pop B

Super easy, super cute and super fun! I dazzled these babies with the Easter EGGSTRAVAGANZA assortment and packaged them into clear bags. Easter gifting, DONE!

choc pop with tags B.jpg

How cute are the Easter gift tags? Did you know they come free with all EGGSTRAVAGANZA orders?

These make the sweetest thank-you gifts…think birthdays, baby showers, christenings, engagement parties, weddings…sprinkle with your favourite Sweet Dazzle assortment and they are perfect for basically every occasion!



What you need:

Line a baking sheet with non-stick baking paper.

Spoon circles of melted chocolate (I used white for these, but you can use milk or dark also) onto the baking paper. Be sure to allow enough room between each circle as they will spread slightly.

Pop a lollipop stick into each circle and sprinkle away.

Allow to cool (I made these the night before I needed them and just left them out on the kitchen bench to completely cool and harden) before packaging them.

choc pop with tags A.jpg


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